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Becoming a family of 4

When I first saw the (+) sign I had a flow of feelings rushing through my body to my brain. I could not stay still , I was actually having coffee at caribou after my Yoga class, I just took the coffee and started walking not knowing where to go or how to react.

Although it is my second pregnancy and i thought it would be normal to find out , but NO! it was not..

Let me go back in time a bit. After we had Naya in 2015 we felt complete , she grew up to be this smart curious little girl. Naya started asking us why i do not have a sister?she clearly wanted someone to play with , I was not ready to have a second baby (Mentally, physically and emotionally) she was just 2 and half years old at the time. It is always different from one mother to another , I never compared myself to anyone knowing that I have to embrace my life, body and mind. I was honest to myself! i am not ready ...despite the pressure of family and society holding a timer against you of the perfect time and date you should have a sister/brother for your child! I refused to be a machine producing babies to the world . I want to be the best mum for my children , I want to have the power and energy to keep up with them, only then I knew that I will take thing slowly at my own pace.

Flash forward ... to few months before knowing i am pregnant. I felt ready in every single way to have my second miracle , to bring joy to our family and grow a little bigger . I had the "conversation" with the hubby and we took a long thought and assessed our financial , emotional and physical situation and decided to take the move.

Few months later we were blessed with a miracle inside me. we are becoming a bigger family. I could not believe it , I am going to be a mummy again only this time I am more ready I have experience and weapons to go through this amazing journey of 9 months and "inshalla" to have a healthy baby in my arms soon.

I can`t wait to meet you baby , i have so many stories to tell you and a really loving and caring big sister ..her name is NAYA ! is waiting for you. she will be your best friend and always by your side.



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