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Dentists in Dubai

When it comes to choosing a doctor for your child you do tons of research before picking one. This was the case when it came to choosing a dentist for Naya, i did a lot of research and one particular name kept popping up with huge recommendations Dr. Rafif Tayara at Dr.Michael`s Dental Clinic. Today was our first visit and i couldn`t stop myself from taking pictures ! I mean the place is super clean , fresh with many many toys for kids to choose from while waiting .

Watching Naya playing while waiting for our turn

While Naya and I were having a chat , a lovely , beautiful doctor approached us , grabbed a seat and started talking to Naya . she had a conversation with her and myself before inviting us to go into her office , which I think made us both very comfortable and relaxed.

The first thing that caught Naya`s eyes was the alligator and his toothbrush , the doctor asked Naya to show her how she would brush the alligator`s teeth , all of that before even telling Naya to have a seat on the chair.

Brushing the Alligator`s teeth

One of the coolest things was the hanging screen , where kids can enjoy watching their favorite movie while the doctor is working.

Naya watching frozen

When it comes to the process, it was super easy and fast . The Doctor is very kind , patient and lovely. She convinced Naya to stay still the whole time , which was a huge relief.

She taught us the right way to brush the teeth and you also have to brush the tongue . she recommended using Jordan brand for both brushes and toothpaste. They can be both found at Carrefour for a very reasonable price.

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Dr. Rafif did a full cleaning and fluoride , which is very important to prevent cavities.

Choosing toothpaste flavour

Naya was very brave today and she received a "bravery Certificate".

Best Doctor

Bottom line is , we were very happy with our choice today and we highly recommend Dr. Rafif at Dr. Michael`s clinic.

Address: Villa 1016 Al Wasl Road، Umm Suqeim 1 - Dubai

Hours: Wednesday8AM–8PM







Phone: 04 394 9433