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Newborn checklist : 7 Things to consider before the baby arrival

I decided to write this list to help me and other mamas to be prepare for the new family member arriving soon.

When I plan for a vacation i normally go through how i would spend the day in my mind and start preparing my stuff accordingly.

This is what I did to prepare this list. These 7 steps will help you organize your shopping for the baby:

1- Clothing :

Getting enough onseies , bodysuits will help you with the laundry piles. From my previous experience with Naya we used to have 3 to 4 changes a day approximately.

I would plan my laundry every 2 days.

Based on that you need to get the below:

10 - 15 bodysuits ( My advice is get them all in white color) since we live in Dubai i would get them in short sleeves. If you live in a colder weather getting them in long sleeves would be a good idea.

10 to 12 sleeping onesies ( i personally prefer to get the ones with zipper , it is easier to change at night )

3 to 4 (2 pieces outfit) for going out.

• 4 newborn hats.

• 4 scratch mittens , to keep baby from scratching his face.

• 4 socks / booties in case the onesies are open.

2- Feeding :

Before 6 months you will not need much , especially if you are exclusively breastfeeding.

Newborn - 6 months :

Burp cloths ( Not many 2 or 3 are enough)

Bibs ( Get 8 soft ones with a waterproofing material from the back to prevent milk getting to the onesie)

Nursing pillow ( it is a life saver ! And prevent back pain during feeding times)

Now if you are breastfeeding you will need to get

Breast pump ( if you are a working mom, or you need some help with feedings )

Breast pads

Nursing bras

Milk storage containers

Nipple lotion

If you are formula feeding you need to get :

• You will need to start with the 4 ounces bottles ( 8 Bottles)

• At around 4 months , you will need to switch to 8 ounces.

Brush for cleaning Bottles.

Sterilizer, i continued to sterilize until 6 months of age.

Thermal container to keep hot water for when you go out.( This is optional, personally i used room temperature water to prepare the bottle)

3- Bathing:

This can be a very easy and enjoyable time if you setup the bathing needs next to you and have the baby placed in a safe position to start the process.

Washcloths ( you can also use a natural sponge as well) I prefer the cloths because I can wash them frequently.


shower gel

Baby tub

Soft towels

Cotton balls

Body oil

4- Sleeping :

Crib and mattress

• 3 fitted sheets

• Mattress protector ( waterproof )

Sleeping bag ( I prefer to use them when the baby starts pushing the blanket and cover his face)

• 2 To 3 blankets

• 2 to 3 Swaddles

5- Diapering:

You should appreciate the first few months of changing diapers! Trust me they are the easiest, the older the baby the harder the mission gets.

Changing table

• Padded waterproof changing mat

Wiping cloths for bottoms / I personally love to use them instead of wipes, it reduces the possibility of diaper rash.

• Nappies cream

6- Health :

Mommy's worst nightmare, seeing your baby suffering. But you need to have your kit ready to face this phase. Most important thing is to know a good pediatric you can rely on.

• Baby thermometer ( best way to measure temperature is from the bottom, However i I used the laser one on forehead because i didn't want to interrupt her sleep)

Suctioning Bulb

Medicine for fever ( Check with your pediatric)

• I got Naya a humidifier in her room and it was a great investment, it controls the room humidity and air cleanliness

7- Other Items :

• Play mat ( great for tummy time )

• Rocking chair

• Baby carrier

• Diaper bag

• Pacifier

• Stroller

• Car seat

• Pampering Kit

• Bottle warmer

• Stomach belt ( warmer) i used it alot first few months to help reduce stomach ache.

I hope this is useful! Please let me know if you want me to recommend anything else or certain brands for the items.

Have a safe delivery Mama.


The party Mum

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