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Our pick this Ramadan for indoor play area in Dubai

I made a decision this Ramadan to take Naya to every possible Ramadan activity and try out new play areas in Dubai.

Last friday i came across a post on instagram "Ramadan playdate" at WE ROCK THE SPECTRUM GYM.

Below is the next play date.

I always wanted to take Naya there because it is so different from any other play area in Dubai. They focus on improving the child's physical , emotional and social development through playing.

The playdate started at 3 pm with 1 hour free play at the playarea. At 4 pm they gathered the children and started the games. They had to find different shapes stuck on the walls and equipments, children had to climb up to get them which was very exciting.

"Getting a tattoo"

"Naya roleplaying"

After that they did the "Arts & Crafts" ofcourse related to Ramadan. They decorated a crescent and a star with shimmery glitter.

They ended the playdate with a delicious snack box and a goody bag.

While I was there I had the chance to meet the owner. A very nice educated lady her name is

" Dr.Nashila" who is also a chiropractor. She was inspired when she visited WRTS in USA and thought that she had to bring this to Dubai.

She calls it " Play with purpose"

The child's brain develops more rapidly in the first 5 years than any other time. WRTS encourages parents to start as early as 1 year old.

There are 10 equipments that you will find in we rock the spectrum gym, each equipment is designed to stimulate the child's neurological system. For example you will find The climbing apparatus, The bloster swing, The trampoline, The zip line.

Naya definitely loved the zip line and the roleplaying. We will be visiting WRTS next weekend as well, it is our favourite destination so far.


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