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Tips for choosing a nursery for your baby

Do you know the feeling when you are looking for a new home and once you take one step in it you know this is the one! This is exactly what I felt when I first visited kids spot nursery.

As a working mum at the time, choosing a nursery was more like choosing a second home for my baby. Naya was just 12 months and my heart was broken that i had to leave her. So I was very careful and perhaps a little bit annoying , but come on you cannot blame a mother for being extra when choosing a nursery for her child.

I remember preparing a long list of all the options I would consider and organized them in a checklist. Here are some of the check points i filtered the nurseries based on:


Location is very important, believe me you need to choose something near to your house / work . Otherwise it will be daily torture


A clean space for kids helps protecting them from getting continuously sick. If you think about all the viruses carried by the many kids attending the nursery and how regular hygiene can help reduce the risk of getting sick.

Space & Daylight:

Appropriate space with a good amount of daylight is crucial for the kids spaces to help them develop their sense of day and night

 Studies show that exposure to bright light during the day, and the darkness at night is critical for healthy sleep and development of infants.


You have two types of nurseries based on what the parents interest is , a day care while they are at work and they take the lead in education at home. The other type is educational nursery.

If you are looking for an educational nursery , probably it is better to read a little bit about the foundation stages and what you are looking for. And observe how the nursery is implementing this through play time, goals, schedules and milestones for kids.


Although mainly it is your gut feeling judging based on few conversations with the teachers /Assistants. You need to keep in mind the qualifications the teachers hold. The turnover rate as well , you need your child to grow in a stable environment.

Ratio of staff is different based on the age group, idealy in my opinion 15 kids maximum for one teacher and one assistant from 2 years above.


It is about the value you are getting, at the end of the day it is totally up to you to choose the amount of money you are welling to spend.

Remember this is investing in your child's personality, education and wellbeing.


Different nurseries have different timings and programs. You need to choose what is best for you. If you are a working mum, you probably need to find a nursery with longer hours.

Hope this was a bit helpful. And good luck finding your kid's second home.


The party Mum.